Journey To God | On The Pursuit To Rediscovering God

Church. The house of the Lord. Where God's spirit dwells. The one place where we are supposed to feel a deeper connection to God. Yet, I been feeling more like an imposter faking my Christianity. Each Sunday forcing myself to digest words from a sermon that no longer fits into my evolving spiritual values and beliefs. Though I have always been a skeptic, my own spiritual convictions have grown away from the Christian values I can no longer embrace. Values which has stirred a wave of disruption within my soul causing much uncertainty and doubt.

As my mind wrestles with my spirit I have become desperate to seek answers. Answers I will only find if I allow myself to venture out away from my conservative Christian faith on a journey to rediscover God.  To step out on this journey is necessary to quiet the dissonance within my soul. Necessary to seek the answers my spirit longs for away from the noise of indoctrination. Away from the noise of sermons filtered through stony hearts and narrow minds. A secret quiet place where I can hear the stillness of God's voice calling out to me.

I have to admit I am afraid. Afraid to leave the church, my spiritual home. Afraid to explore the world of the unknown. Afraid of whether this journey may lead me down a different spiritual path. Yet still, I have this yearning desire to be embraced by the love of the Creator. I don't know where this journey will lead me. I don't know my destination or how long the journey will be. But I do know that It's okay to feel uncertain and not have all the answers. That it's okay to embrace fear. It's okay to open myself up to this journey of rediscovering God and redefining my relationship with the Creator.


Do you follow any spiritual path or religion? Has your own spiritual values or beliefs changed from what you were raised to believe?

Photo source: Death To Stock Photos