5 Things To Do When You're New To Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

When you are just starting out on your spiritual awakening journey, it is not uncommon to find yourself in a lost and confused place. Everything is so brand new. Your mind has awakened to a new way of viewing this world, and a new way of being.

You might find yourself having a hard time trying to figure out where to begin as you embark on this new journey. So I've outlined, the first few steps to take when you are new to this spiritual awakening journey.

5 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now

1| Re-build

Once experiencing a spiritual awakening, you will experience a shift in many of your core beliefs. This may leave you in a confused or disorienting sate. As you gain access to newer information and spiritual knowledge, your perspective and outlook on life will begin to make shifts.

The process of rebuilding your spiritual belief system will be on going. It may take months, even years, before you form a new core set of foundational principles to rest on. Even though, this process may be gradual and continual it is still important to periodically evaluate how your spiritual principles are evolving as you grow and develop spiritually.

As you are navigating through your spiritual journey it is important to periodically ask yourself, "What do I now hold to be true?" This re-examination of your beliefs will enable to become more clear on where you stand. This will help you to rebuild your faith.


2| Explore

You may want to take this time to explore other religious faiths and traditions. Being spiritually open-minded, grants you this freedom. Spiritual exploration helps you to gain clarity on your evolving spiritual beliefs, and aids in your spiritual growth and development.

This is the perfect time to delve into spiritual practices or religions you are curious to learn more about. Even if you choose to be a free agent of your own faith, learning about other traditions can help you to receive divine wisdom and spiritual clarity.

3| Educate

On this spiritual awakening journey it is beneficial to study to gain more in depth spiritual knowledge and information. You can begin by studying other religions, esoteric philosophies or simply reading spiritual books that peak your interest.

Educating yourself is another sure way to decipher what belief systems and practices resonate with you. Studying spiritual texts also aids in your personal and spiritual development. I've created a library with a list of books to help guide you on your path to spiritual awakening.

A list of books to help guide you as you embark on your spiritual awakening journey.


Along this journey you will be learning about a wide variety of sacred rituals, customs and traditions. It is important to put what you are learning into practice. This is the only way you will hone in on your spiritual development, develop a deeper connection to your higher self, and figure out what works best for you.

Common spiritual practices include reading sacred texts, prayer, yoga, and meditation. You can tailor your spiritual practice to meet your specific needs and desires. There is no wrong or right way in doing this.

5| Connect

We don't grow in isolation, we grow in community! Finding a community is one way for us to connect to individuals on the same path so that we can learn from others and share in their experiences. You can connect to others on the journey through joining facebook groups or participating in local spiritual organizations.

There also many spiritual healing centers that provide many opportunities to connect to like-minded individuals by offering women/men's healing circles, community conversation on various spiritual topics, workshops and more.


Being newly awakened often leaves many in a confused state. It is very hard to know where to begin. I've provided you with these simple tips to help you along your journey.

Journey Soulfully!

Are you new to your spiritual awakening journey? What is your greatest area of struggle right now? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Photo by Kristin Vogt from Pexels