A Conscious Rebirth

As my spiritual life has been shifting and changing so has my intent for this blog. That has been the reason for the much needed time away.  To re-center and re-focus, to meditate on which direction to head towards next. 

Over the past few years, I have experienced a rapid and ever evolving spiritual expansion. My life has changed in ways I once would have never imagined. No longer fearful, I am embracing this spiritual transition. I am allowing myself to unravel as my spirit is consciously rebirthed.

The Awakening

As I've experienced a higher level of spiritual awareness, there has been a lot of unlearning and mental deprogramming I've had to take myself through. A few of which are...

Letting Go Of The Christian Identity

I am in a space where I have shifted away from the Christian umbrella of truth. Why? Many of my current core values and beliefs no longer align with pre-dominant Christian philosophies. I still believe in many of the values and morals of Christianity. I still hold myself to be a believer in the life of Christ. But, Christianity now holds a different meaning and place in my life that is no longer wrapped up in my identity.

Relinquishing The Spirit Of Fear and Embracing Love

I have since allowed myself to become open to explore and look at spirituality in ways I would never have before. I was taught to fear. To fear the wrath of God. To be judgmental of my every action because at any given moment I am at fault of my sinful nature. Because I can screw up at any time, I must ask God for forgiveness less I want to face the fiery flames of hell. Well, I am no longer living in fear, but I am resting in God's perfect love. 

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.   -1 John 4:18


I now understand with true love comes acceptance.  That I am not judged by my missteps but by my willingness to learn and move towards growth and expansion. 

For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.  -Proverbs 24: 16a

The Rebirthing

As I've gone through this process of spiritual rebirth I have begun to shift my mindset and hold on to new ways of thinking.

New Mind, New Thought

I now lean towards New Thought Philosophies and Quantum Theories of Consciousness. These ideologies have best helped me to understand and put words to what I always new to be true from within.

Connecting To Ancestral Wisdom

It always  concerned me that in many Black/African-American communities we tend to shun anything that looks like, smells like, or feels like, our traditional African religions.  We all know this unwillingness to identify with our ancestry is steeped in white supremacist ideals that have been passed down throughout history as a means to oppress our ancestors and erase us of our identity. Our lack of awareness of this fact has caused us to become uncomfortable with the truth of who we are. Acknowledging this, I am now in a place of openness and willingness to explore the ancient wisdom of my ancestry.

Embracing The Inner Bruja

I have for long felt a special connection to the healing powers of this earth.  I love this beautiful earth, divinely created by the hands of God. I have always felt at peace or oneness with nature. Since relinquishing fear, I have begun to delve into all things woo-woo from energy healing to herbalism to connecting to my spirit guides


The Journey Forward

Yes, a lot has changed and as my life has taken on many changes so will this blog. I still plan to center my focus for this blog on spiritual and inspirational information.  However, as I am growing and evolving as a spiritual being, I will be sharing what I am learning shifting the focus of this platform towards becoming an educational resource for spirituality. My mission is to uplift, edify and rebuild while creating community.