Co-Creating With God Through The Power of Affirmative Prayer

For the longest while I questioned the purpose of prayer. I mean for what it was worth, I never received half of what I asked for anyway. Even though, I prayed exactly how I was taught to pray with every ounce of faith I had in me prayer had little to no impact in my life. After many years of futile prayers, I ceased praying all together. Prayer felt like a continual waste of breath until I learned about affirmative prayer.

Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
— Phillippians 4:6

The universal Law of Attraction teaches us what you attract in your life coincides with your underlying thoughts, beliefs, conscious and subconscious mind. Thus, the energetic messages we emit to the universe is reflected back to us in how we pray. So, the problem wasn't that my prayers weren't working. It was that I misdirected my attention and my focus.

The energetic messages we emit to the universe is reflected back to us in how we pray.
— Anekia Nicole

When I used to pray, I centered my thoughts on my current situation or on avoiding a specific negative outcome which is what led me to pray out of a heart of desperation. As oppose to, directing my energy towards  what I truly desired. 

Affirmative Prayer,  is a prayer technique that centers the mind on the desired positive outcome instead on the present situation or negative circumstance. It operates by aligning your thoughts with what you desire through the process of creative visualization

There are five key elements of affirmative prayer which comprises recognition, unification, realization, thanksgiving and release.

5 Elements of An Affirmative Prayer

1| Recognition 

Recognize the omnipresence of God. It is the awareness of God in all that is around us, even within ourselves. Hence, affirmative prayer begins by recognizing that God Is in whatever the positive outcome you desire.  However, feel freedom to refer to God using whatever term is most comfortable for you.

Statements of Recognition:

God Is love. 

The Source of all things is abundant.

The universe is prosperous.

The Divine is all knowing.

2| Unification 

Acknowledge that you are one with God, in so being, a divine Co-creator of your own reality. You do this by stating that you are what God Is, there is no separation from humanity and God. You insert your "I am_____." statements.

Statements of unification:

I am filled with hope and promise. 

Abundance is my divine birthright because of the abundance of this universe.

The Divine intelligence is all knowing thus I am blessed with Divine wisdom.

3| Realization

As a divine co-creator with God set your intention and affirm that which is true. Call what you desire from above into this current reality. This is your moment to speak those things that are not as though they are (Romans 4:13, King James Bible).

Statements of realization:

In realization that I am one with the Divine I call ______.

From this awareness, I ______.

In this truth, I ______.

4| Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the awareness of that which is already created in mind, or realm of the spiritual, is waiting for the divine timing of God in order to be physically manifested in the present. Giving thanks to the universe, aligns your heart and mind with abundance. Expressing gratitude enables us to be in the state of allowance.

Statements of gratitude:

I give thanks for the realization of this truth.

In gratitude ______.

With a grateful heart I ______.

Knowing_____ I am grateful for _____.

5| Release

Finally, release your words of prayer out into the universe trusting the universe is at work on your behalf. 


And so is.



And so be it. 

An Affirmative Prayer of Self-love and Compassion

The Divine is all loving, compassionate, and caring. I am filled with this immense love, for all that the Divine is I am. From this awareness,  I clear my mind, my heart, and my spirit of that which no longer serves me. Allowing love to permeate this body as a cleansing force. I acknowledge my power to self-heal and nurture myself back to wholeness. I give thanks for the realization of this truth. Amen and Ashè. 
— Anekia Nicole

Photo Credit: Pexel