10 Podcasts For Mystics, Spiritual Seekers and Souls Who Love To Wonder

Over the past year, I have allowed myself to become open to spiritual exploration. I have delved deeper and deeper into the world of the woo-woo. One of the areas of spirituality I have decided to study was the New Age way of thinking. Being a natural skeptic, I must admit it was pretty hard for me to become sold by this spiritual worldview. Though I experienced cognitive dissonance I continued to follow my curiosity which led me to questions, like....

What is the Law Of Attraction?

There is a Quantum Theory of Consciousness?

Wait, everything in life has a vibrational frequency? Even our own thoughts?

And why are people obsessed with Chakras?

Well, what are the Chakras? And what does it have to do with life?

Hungry to learn more, I searched the internet for resources! I scoured and hunted for podcasts, youtube videos, books, and pretty much anything I could get my eyes on. But being a podcast nerd (err, enthusiast!) I have found this to be my fave resource for accessing this kind of knowledge. 

For what is faith but holding space for magic
— Allison Marie Conway

So, I am sharing a few of my fave new woo-wooey podcasts with you, with links to a few of my favorite episodes! If you are already into the woo-woo, New Age way of life you may have stumbled across a few of these podcasts already. If you are new to this and wanting to learn more, I encourage you to dig in! All shows listed can be found on most podcast platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, Castbox and Spotify.

1| Sacred Wheel by Allison Carr

Sacred Wheel is a podcast led by Allison Carr who also works as an energy healer and teacher.  Through, her show she teaches and hosts interviews with the goal of leading people on the journey to becoming who they are born to be. If you are seeking to understand more about energy healing, listen to Episode 8 - All About Energy.  

2| The Numinous School Podcast

The Numinous School Podcast is hosted by Carmen Spagnola. Carmen wears quite a few professional hats: Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Wilderness Guide and Professional Intuitive. Her podcast features interviews with other spiritual leaders in which she discusses spiritual practices, connecting to earth, culture, and much more. 

3| Wild Mystic Woman

The Wild Mystic Woman Podcast (now archived) is hosted by Layla Saad, writer and speaker, who uses her platform to examine the intersectionality of spirituality, social justice, feminism, creativity, business, and leadership. Bringing in the perspective of being from a diverse cultural background, Layla endeavors to decenter the "white gaze" within spirituality. Listen to Episode 23 - Rachel Ricketts On Spiritual Activism.

4| Medicine Stories

Medicine Stories podcast hosted by Amber Magnolia Hill who discussions on “what it means to be humans on this earth”. She curates discussion on ancestral healing, plant medicine and other pathways to healing. You can start by listening to Episode 26 - Ancestral Reverence As Devotion To The Earth With Daniel Foor.

5| Morado Lens

Morado Lens is a feminist podcast show hosted by Cindy Rodriquez and Nathalie Farfan who exchange views on culture, sex and "embracing your inner Bruja". Thier podcast show has covered a wide array of topics from intuition, self-love, sacred practices, and social justice movements.

Anne The Alchemist Speaks on Daily Palo Santo Cleanses + Breaking Sexual Energy Cords

 Fellow Bruja And Founder of Modern Curandera Talks About Honoring Her Ancestors And Assimilation

6| This Wild Life

This WIld Life is curated by Lola Pickett, a visionary guide and shamanic healer. On her podcast show, she engages in deep discussions with her guests on a wide range of subjects related to spirituality. Exploring the ideas of alternative medicine, dealing with emotional pain,  and shamanism.

7| Tarot For The Wild Soul With Lindsay Mack

Tarot for the Wild Soul is a popular weekly podcast hosted by Lindsay Mack an intuitive tarot teacher. Each month she shares inspirational messages guided by the tarot, in addition to interviews of spiritual/wellness leaders and Q&A Sessions.

8| Spirit Guides Radio

Spirit Guides Radio is hosted by Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza. Each week Arizona and Morgan holds a discussion on a specific spiritual topic alongside a special guest. They have discussed many spiritual concepts such as mediumship, the afterlife, astrology, and other mystical topics.

9| The Now Age

The Now Age podcast by Numinous founder Ruby Warrington alongside Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron hosts interviews with spiritual experts on a variety of spiritual topics. Listen to Spirituality + Activism with Diego Perez and Healing Systemic Racism with Lama Rod Owens.

10| The Lively Show

The Lively Show, created by Jess Lively, whose mission it is to teach us how to "add a little extra intention to your every day". Jess has led many powerful discussions on her show on the Law of Attraction, Intuition, and consciousness, just to name a few. Her podcasts show is one of my current faves.  She is currently doing a series of Law Of Attraction Q&A featuring a myriad of guests. Here are my current faves:




Photo Source: Kaboom Pics

Updated: February 2018