Reviving The Creative Soul | A Writer's Struggle With Creativity

It's as if the rivers of creativity that once flowed within me suddenly became stagnant. Dull. Lifeless. Dead. Words I would use to describe my current state of creativity. Every writer experiences writer's block right? Well how long should I wait for the ink from this pen to bleed through these pages?

AneikaDUMBO_Reviving The Creative Spirit


Every time I sat down to write, nothing happened. I could barely put my pen to the paper but, I would force myself to do it anyway. Only to produce lackluster work that I was afraid to allow anyone else to see. I figured maybe what I needed was a hiatus. So I stepped away for awhile waiting for the next moment of inspiration to sweep over me like a wave. But again nothing happened.

Being raised in the church I knew revivals were necessary to re-awaken our love for God. Just when I'd begin to pray less, read my bible less, and no longer feel motivated to go to church I started looking for the next  revival event.  After a week of listening to sermons from the revivals, the fire of my love for God would ignite once again. The Spirit of God within me would come back to life.  My faith and love for God rekindled. Praying, reading the bible and going to church no longer felt like a chore. 

My thoughts on church revivals got me thinking, why can't this idea be applied to writing?  Maybe what I need is a revival of my creative soul? So I took a break again. Instead of waiting for some mystical moment of inspiration to overtake me I actively sought out sources of inspiration. I scoured blogs, I listened to podcasts and I read books.  With time my creative soul was restored. Thoughts and ideas began to flow through my mind faster than I was able to put them down on paper. 

How do you revive the creative spirit within you when you feel like it has been lifeless?


Photo Taken By: Amanda Bermudez Photo