Why Set Resolutions? | Living A More Conscionable Life

At the close of every year we always come across those Facebook statuses and tweets from several folks stating, "I don't do resolutions". And I get it. Many of us feel setting resolutions are a waste of time. But it doesn't have to be. How do I know? Well, I tried it.

One year I actually set a resolution and followed through on it. Of course, I was worried it wouldn't work. Or, that I was setting another goal for myself that I would again fail at. Instead it actually changed my life. Up until that point, my usual routine was to watch TV, eat, shower and watch TV until my eyelids grew heavy. I was spending way too much time filling my mind up with junk. Meanwhile, my life was all the way out of order. I was coming out of a dark period of my life and I was desperate to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was unhappy with where I was. And I knew I needed to do something about it. Which meant I had to start the work within myself, spiritually and personally.

It was a simple resolution, and I only set one. I decided in 2013, I would make a commitment to my own spiritual and personal growth. To make this possible, I cut back on watching television in exchange for more time spent journaling and in prayer. Now was I successful 100% of the time? No. But setting the resolution to finally make the necessary changes to improve spiritually and as a person did effect my life. Finally, I was making a decision to live life with intention and to make the necessary changes to reach for the ray of light I longed for. 

Did anything super spectacular happened at the end of 2013? No. But since I have set a resolution to commit more time to my personal and spiritual growth l have lost the taste for watching TV.  Well, accept for a few of my faves. But what mattered was the amount of time I had spent watching tv had significantly reduced, journaling  and prayer had become a vital part of my growth, and  I now live  a more conscionable life.

So Why Set Resolutions?

To track your personal growth and progress. I also kept a journal (which I still refer back to). By keeping a record of my life, thoughts and prayers I can actually see how much progress I have made.

It allows us to increase our ability to become more self-reflective. Setting resolutions has enabled me to take a look back at my life from the previous year. Give myself a real good examination. Then, take the actionable steps necessary to improve.

To live life with intention and purpose. Setting resolutions has helped to keep my mind goal-oriented, make better decisions, and live life with intention. Now when I set goals I can actually witness them come into fruition.


Do you set resolutions? Why? Or why not?

Happy New Year!


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