The feeling of simultaneously wanting to be left alone and wanting someone to journey through the deep recesses of your soul.
— Maryam Hasnaa


My Story

I have always been an inquisitive being. Always questioning, always searching for answers. A spiritual seeker. 

Being raised in the church I was taught to revere God, to believe in God with an unwavering faith and to never question a word of the Holy Bible. With devotion, I studied the scripture, sang hymns and whispered daily prayers. In church my ears would soak up every utterance from the preacher’s mouth, waiting for the moment of God’s sweet presence to sweep over my soul.

Hungry for a divine connection I'd  search deep within the scriptures for answers to many of life's questions, but it would often leave me even bigger questions to be answered.

Overtime, my faith in God began to shift as my knowledge of the world grew, and my own personal values began to form. Many of which didn't comfortably fit within the fundamental Christian values I was raised to believe. The church no longer became a place where I'd find solace and peace.

I have come to realize the stirring in my spirit was a quiet yet soulful rebellion nudging me towards a deeper and greater consciousness. It was the call of the Divine pulling me closer, drawing me towards a greater spiritual awakening.

I now know what I had perceived as a change in faith was a sign of spiritual growth. As I have come to acknowledge that God was much bigger than the church walls I once boxed him in. Ever since this spiritual awakening I began to see God in all things. 

It is out of this spiritual awakening my personal blog, A Soulful Rebellion was birthed. I started this project with the personal goal of  documenting my spiritual journey, personal growth and to build a connection to those who also identify as spiritual seekers. But most importantly, to let those of you like me know that you are not alone.

When I started out on this spiritual journey the hardest thing to find was a community of like-minded mystics and spiritual seekers. Maybe I didn't know which way to look, but I remember feeling lost and alone. Well, now I am here. Not pretending to having it all together but willing to stand with you as you set out on your own spiritual journey.